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How To Launch A Review Management Product

That Puts Your Agency Into A Category Of One

Among Your Competition.

From: Agency Armory

Louisville, Kentucky

By: David M. Bustle

Let me know if this happened to you...

You're pitching potential clients on GoHighLevel and you get to the review feature.

You're excited because you know they desperately need it and your GHL can help them do it.

You go to show them how it can generate more reviews... how it can text previous customers to get reviews...

They gloss over and ask you the simple question...

"Why can't I just send out a review request on my cell phone?"

"Why should I pay another monthly fee for that?"

Or they say something like the dreaded statement:

"My system does that already..."

Such a hard objection to overcome for any sales rep.

In today's tech savvy world... if we are going to sell GHL, we've got to IMPRESS and WOW our customers.

Showing how a software can send a text review request... isn't all that impressive... or innovative anymore for that matter with all the options they have to get reviews. I mean they can send a request for reviews with the little device in their pocket...


Us asking for a monthly fee for that is quite the challenge.

If we want to be successful in reviews, we need to give them something they haven't seen before, set a new standard for review getting and blow the competition out of the water.

We need an X factor to separate us among every available option to them. We need something that places us into a category of ONE where other providers don't come close to what we offer.

So what do you do? If you are anything like me, you search for review snapshots like I did. Somebody in the groups got it figured out right?

You probably realized pretty quickly one big commonality among them... They all look the same.

They have the same blue or grey theme.

They have the same 5 star rating below.

It's like someone carbon copied other review products already in existence for GHL and didn't even change much to be somewhat different.

The copy is the same.

The styles are the same.

The funnels are the same.

In our world... same is lame.

Personally, I wanted to present something unique that was deadly at getting reviews.

That's why we undertook the task of building a new review solution from the ground up.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I'm

excited to announce...

What if you had a truly WHITE LABEL review management system for your customers that you 100% controlled, customized and owned right inside your own GHL?

What if you had your review management system that made others look downright cheap as if they were made 10 years ago compared to yours?

I know what you're thinking... it seems like a fairy tale.

You see, I was frustrated just like you. I thought "There had to be a better way!"

I started searching like many of you and didn't find much that fit exactly what I wanted.

The other options just lacked integral features I felt were detrimental to it's success.

Review Management needed an overhaul. A BIG ONE.

So I bit the bullet, hunkered down and just built it myself.

I spent a ton of sleepless nights coding, designing new and different review getting funnels.

I pulled together a team and hired spokespersons to add video.

I built a massive review management platform.

I created workflows to put it all together.

I also had my Dev Team code up some really cool tools like our video testimonial generator and review pop up!

Needless to say... it took a bit of time to get knocked out.

Seriously, my wife has been giving me the evil eye for spending so much time on it.

But... in the end, we came out victorious and built something awesome... Rapid Reviews.

I figured a few of you would also find it helpful.

Ladies & Gentlemen I give you Rapid Reviews...

What if you had tons of review funnels to choose from to deploy for your clients?

What if in just a few minutes you could spice up Review funnels with video spokespeople AT YOUR Client's businesses?

What if you could have it all customized to you with your client's branding and had the flexibility to edit it all how you want 100%?

It's ALL possible with Rapid Reviews by Agency Armory.

Once you sign up for Rapid Reviews with the form above, you'll be sent a snapshot to install on your GHL account complete with:

  • 12 Funnel themes and styles to deploy.
  • All are 100% customizable and built with custom values, globals for fast editing.
  • 4 Workflow Campaigns.
  • Multiple pipeline review management
  • Quick Response review requests.
  • Green screen/ Alpha channel spokesperson videos to pop into your funnels.
  • Review pop up widget for any site.
  • Video Testimonial Generator Funnel

"After you purchase, you'll get access to the

Rapid Review platform and our membership course."

"After you purchase, you'll get access to the support platform and our membership course."

Inside the course, there are video walkthroughs that take you step by step through setting up and customizing the system. The process to set up takes about 30 minutes to an hour to fully get going and customized (We built it that way to get you rolling fast).

Just watch the quick videos and follow the steps... and you'll be up and running in no time.

Not sure if it's right for you? Hear what others

have said about our past Agency Armory products:

Get Rapid Reviews Now...

Get instant access to the course and snapshot!

Get It Now For Only $500!

Eventually we will move to a membership monthly fee model, but right now you can get lifetime access for $500 and get grandfathered in with no monthly fees!

So what all do you get with the snapshot?

#1 - Rapid Reviews Snapshot

First up, we have the snapshot. You can import this into any of your client's sub accounts on your GHL platform. Once installed, you can customize it to fit your client needs.

  1. 12 Prebuilt Styles & Themes. All built with custom values and globals to make editing a breeze. For each style and theme we have multiple pages, Video or Image only options. Quickly grab the option you want and build it out fast.
  2. The site is fully customizable. You can add logos, change colors, swap backgrounds, delete pages, add pages and your own videos. It's your platform and you are 100% in control.

Get The Rapid Review Snapshot

When You Sign up Today!

#2 - Review Generating Spokesperson Videos.

Inside the snapshot and course, we added a nice touch of Spokesperson videos you can use in your review getting funnels or follow up. We have both male and female options. (And are adding a ton more!)

We shot them on green screens so you can add any background you want. Imagine adding the touch of our spokesmodels inside your client's businesses!

We provide green screen versions and alpha channel versions you can quickly add yourown background to fast!

Customizing not your thing? No worries. We have predone options as well with white backgrounds you can deploy instantly.

We also uploaded all of them in our course to use how you wish!

#3 - Review Getting Workflows.

On top of the funnels and videos, we also have multiple campaigns you can deploy to generate reviews for your customers.

  • Previous customer review generation campaign
  • Current customer review generation campaign
  • Unhappy win back campaign for bad reviews
  • Quick response templates for fast review generation

#4 - Quick Response Templates

We also built in a way to quickly respond to clients with our quick response templates to get fast reviews through client chats!

#5 - Membership Course

If you've bought many snapshots before you've probably realized that not all are created equal. Some give you a link and say go to town! Not us.

We built a whole course on how to do everything from installing to customizing to updating. It's also where we post our video downloads and new videos to add in.

"What About Updates?"

Here's the cool thing. I built this for myself... you can rest assured it will stay updated for that reason alone. My goal is to have the ultimate review product for myself and for my agency customers.

I've actually already kept development going on this to build it even further! We have new spokesmodel videos coming, a review popup generator coming (Like proof) ... and a new funnel we are developing to get VIDEO reviews for your client's businesses.

As new content for Rapid Review is released, you get that too! : )


You Get For A Measly $500.

Copy of the Rapid Review Snapshot.

White Label Review Videos.

Review Workflows & Campaigns.

Review Ticketing System.

Quick Response Templates.

Member Course.

Review Pop Up Widget

Total Value: PRICELESS

Get Your Copy Today For

ONLY $500

This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your Copy

Now Before It Changes.

This program will eventually become part of a monthly membership. Right now, you can get lifetime access for only $500. In a short time, it will change to a monthly fee. So get grandfathered in now and save every month!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy Rapid Reviews!


David Bustle

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I've got a snapshot and course for GHL that allows you to stand out in review management with powerful campaigns. You can get it all for only $500. You can check it out here:

Some more testimonials from my other course subscribers and snapshot buyers:


I'd like to rush you a copy of my GoHighLevel review snapshot For only $500!

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